How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

Not teamwork more like slavework,ants work for their Queen and the colony and doesn’t have individuality. We cannot relate them to humans like some people in comment section are doing.That’s what makes it hard

How to get rid of Sugar Ants?Ask yourself are you ready to die for your president? Or for your monarchy? Or for your countrymen? For your information we did co operate with each other and built this society look around everything we built and have is a collective effort of all the living and the dead.i know ant society is complex and they work as a team and we can learn few things from them. All of the human haters and blamers can ping me when ants make their own smart phone or something.

Get Rid Of Sugar Antshow to get rid of sugar ants

The ability to cooporate well, have nothing to do with slavery. It simply means that in the case we are a certain number of people trying to solve a problem (any kind of problem) we can do it with higher or lower amount of intelligens.

We have learned a lot by watching nature and we imitate or have been inspired by it. So why wouldn’t we let ourselves learn some thing from the ants?

They work well together as they are programmed robots of a hive mind. Humans have an individual mind. So therefore we cannot ever work together like ants….unless you want to meld your consciousness with the rest of humanity. Not this gal. Too many lazy and depraved humans out there.

Why do small red ants eat our house shirts,shorts,pajamas,and some ternos of my daughters wardrobe? thats why when i saw it i shock and say what a bad,they do a small hole in it.

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