Favorite Childhood Read

While shopping with the parents of my soon-to-be grandchild last year much to my delight we spent a lot of time that day looking at books. It made me smile to see my son pick up familiar books from his childhood including a favorite, Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends. At a year old my grandson has a growing library and many adventures in reading in his future!

Totally agree that no child hates to read. I had a child who did not read. Until I found the Serendipity collection of children’sbooks, each with a moral to the story. He along with my other children could not put them down, I think there were 60 of them if I recall right.

When I was an elementary school librarian, I made it my mission to find that one book that would hook a reluctant reader. Your list is wonderful. One of my favorite books was “Roxaboxen”, by Patricia McLerrin. A wonderful story about the joys of imagination. I don’t know how you can include them all because there are so many wonderful books.

I used to think reading is as natural as breathing. Then I was blessed — and I mean truly blessed — with a child who would go to great lengths to avoid reading, who was eventually diagnosed with dyslexia. So yes, my truly hated reading; however, loved when I read aloud. Somehow, this child is now in college and while reading is not a favorite activity, does enough to do very well in school.

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