Mother’s and Father’s Read About SIDS

My sister had two daughters and a son. One of the daughters died at a month old one of them died at 2 months old from SIDS. Her son died 11 months old of a cerebral hemorrhage, which she had to pull the plug on him in three days due to his brain dead. He was buried on his first birthday. To this day 45 years later she still is not okay, it left for mental Disturbed. There are monitors out there that you can get for your children PLEASE PLEASE get ONE and use them to your child’s at least 5 years old. I am so truly sorry for anybody that has to go through SIDS or anything else wrong with a child God bless you all. Watch Them when the bottle feed.

Saying sorry for your loss seems quite inadequate. I am sure words are cheap. But putting yourself out their to help others is so very admirable. I think the pediatric academy of medicine should make it a standard of care and require insurance companies to cover the cost. It would save so many lives!!!!!

Baby monitors are important. Make sure your baby sleeps in a safe environment and be cautious when using hammocks. Ensure you have the correct infant car seat.

Favorite Childhood Read

While shopping with the parents of my soon-to-be grandchild last year much to my delight we spent a lot of time that day looking at books. It made me smile to see my son pick up familiar books from his childhood including a favorite, Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends. At a year old my grandson has a growing library and many adventures in reading in his future!

Totally agree that no child hates to read. I had a child who did not read. Until I found the Serendipity collection of children’sbooks, each with a moral to the story. He along with my other children could not put them down, I think there were 60 of them if I recall right.

When I was an elementary school librarian, I made it my mission to find that one book that would hook a reluctant reader. Your list is wonderful. One of my favorite books was “Roxaboxen”, by Patricia McLerrin. A wonderful story about the joys of imagination. I don’t know how you can include them all because there are so many wonderful books.

I used to think reading is as natural as breathing. Then I was blessed — and I mean truly blessed — with a child who would go to great lengths to avoid reading, who was eventually diagnosed with dyslexia. So yes, my truly hated reading; however, loved when I read aloud. Somehow, this child is now in college and while reading is not a favorite activity, does enough to do very well in school.